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Bacoff - Air & Fabric Disinfectant 500ml

Bacoff - Air & Fabric Disinfectant 500ml       Product Benefits: ✓Does not mask but destroys odors, neutralizes the air and kills germs and bacteria simultaneously ✓Effective on all types of bad odors ✓Kills 99...


BacOff - Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

ORGANIC DISHWASHING LIQUID 500ml BacOff Revolution *Organic Dishwashing Liquid is a high performance cleaner made to demanding standards. It does not have the toxic, corrosive, or irritating side effects of strong chemical based cleaning formulati..


BacOff - Kitchen Degreaser 500ml

KITCHEN DEGREASER 500ml Tough on grease and grime Kills germs and pathogens naturally without toxic chemicals. Skin friendly and non-corrosive. No toxic fumes produced during cleaning Made from 100% FDA listed food grade ingredients. ..


Bacoff - Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml

✓Tough on dirt & grime ✓100% family and children friendly ✓Kills germs and pathogens naturally   Directions: Safe for use on hard surfaces. For lighter fabrics, spot test an incospicuous area. If odors persist, product has not..


BacOff Bathroom & Shower Cleaner 500ml

BATHROOM AND SHOWER CLEANER 500ml Kills Germs and Pathogens naturally Controls Mould with regular use Leaves no toxic residue Tough on dirt and stains BacOff Bathroom & Shower Cleaner is a high performance hard surface cleaner an..


Off spray Disinfecting Sanitiser

This super popular Sanitiser produce strong oxidising liquid by electrolysis, allowing users to eliminate odours and bacteria at ease! Combining with bacterial cell membrane, it could capture electrons and kill bacteria.It could be use to combat and ..


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