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ABALONE Crystal Double EX Serum 50ml

It is a sort of essence type serum which contains double functional ingredient for whitening and anti-wrinkle and plenty of "Fermented abalone extract" developed firstly by C&B COSMETIC. For smooth and healthy skin, it supplies concentr..


ABALONE Crystal Double EX Toner 130ml

The moisturizing toner which contains 2,000ppm of fermented abalone extract supply moist to dry skin and calms irritated skin after washing...


CAVIALL Crystal Cream 50ml

Liquid crystal of CELS (Caviar Extract Liquid crystal System) Process stabilized caviar ingredients. Crystal Cream is a nourishing cream for aging skin. It can be used at morning and night and not only effective with wrinkle care but also with skin v..


CAVIALL Perfect Repair Cream 30ml

Highly concentrated liquid Serum. It promotes skin vitality and skin cells. Perfect Repair Serum also revitalizes skin which has already existing wrinkles and lost vitality. (Every dan morning and night using)..


CAVIALL Power Treatment Mask

Power Treatment Mask is a sheet type mask containing caviar extract of about 22mls. It nourishes and supplies moisture for smooth and moist skin...


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