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BacOff Organic Fruit And Vegetable Wash 500ml

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BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a revolutionary new fruit and vegetable produce wash that is made from 100% FDA approved food grade ingredients. Certified by IFOAM and NASAA as 100% organic input, this spray and final rinse can protect your fresh produce during transport as well as while on the shelf. Improved transit and shelf life means your produce can travel further without damage, increasing your distribution and markets, all without the use of harmful chemicals.

What’s BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash? BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a revolutionary produce preservative that can be sprayed on to a variety of fruit and vegetables to enhance produce and shelf life. The active ingredient is a bioflavonoid based biocide that effectively destroys and inhibits the growth of microbes and pathogens on the surfaces it is sprayed on.

The product is:

✓IFOAM and NASAA certified as 100% organic input 

✓Made from FDA listed food grade ingredients


✓Made entirely from bio-based renewable ingredients 

✓Completely non-toxic to humans and pets

✓Completely and readily biodegradable. Leaves no bioaccumulation in the environment. ✓Does not taint the color or taste of produce when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

✓The wash will remove residual chemical sprays from fruit and vegetables.


How does BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash work?

BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash is not a poison. It does not poison microbes and bacteria. Instead, it harnesses naturally occurring bioflavonoids in fruit and vegetables to prevent spoilage naturally. The bioflavonoids work mechanistically to destroy the organisms that cause decay. It will continue to work until the load of organisms overwhelms the amount of bioflavonoids present. It is 100% harmless to humans and pets. It is 100% biodegradable.

How do we use BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash?

It can be easily incorporated into the production cycle during or before the produce is packed. It can be added as an additive during the final rinse. It can also be sprayed on the produce while it is on the shelf to preserve appearance and improve shelf life.


 BacOff At Work:


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